Akita Rescue Committee

Committee Responsibilities

  • Respond to all telephone calls and emails
  • Own ACA Rescue Committee Email List and Facebook Page
  • Facilitate Rescue Committee booths when feasible at dog shows
  • Receive and check all ACA Rescue Group references and assign ID Numbers to all approved Groups
  • Process all ACA Rescue Fund Claims including verification, review, voting, and final determination
  • Direct all parties to groups in their area for both adoptions and surrenders
  • Mentoring -- rescue groups, Akita owners, potential Akita owners
  • Organize the National Rescue Tables
  • Conduct rescue meetings when possible
  • Forward any donation for ACA Rescue Fund to the Treasurer
  • Monitor ACA Rescue Fund and fund-raise as needed to ensure healthy balance

Title/Region Committee Members
Co-Chairs Jodi Marcus and Charlie Marcus
Region 1 Cassi Belli and Joann Dimon
Region 2 Donald Plummer, Dorie Sparkman, Lisa Gray & Fred Mennecke
Region 3 Sherry Lockrem & Shelley Pryor
Region 4 Holly Staudenbaur
Region 5 Carrie Holgate & Annette Gomez
Region 6 Linda Logan
Rescue Liaison Linda Walker