ALCH Big Benz Willow Creek's Kiyomi, CGCA, TT, TDI, UP1000, UT1000, RATI, RL1X AOE, RNX, RATN, VAX
Owner: Nancy Almann
Kiyo is my first performance dog, and continues to exceed all expectations that we and her breeder, Lynny Benzinger, have for her. In 8 rally trials, she had six first place and two third place finishes. She is an excellent therapy dog, and additionally, is active in obedience, tracking, nose work, rally, barn hunt, lure coursing and weightpull.

Kiyo was the first dog to earn the 1000 mile Pack Dog title as well as the 1000 Trail Dog title through Dog Scouts of America. To date, she is the only dog to have earned both titles. Together, we have hiked well over 4000 miles.

Little Missy makes friends wherever she goes. Her sunny, outgoing, happy personality is a testament to excellent breeding, good training and the benefits of socialization. Kiyo earned her VAX in March of 2015, and we are so proud of our girl. As our trainer says, Kiyo is my "Do It All Dog."