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Am/Can CH Kazesan's Dream Catcher CGC TC VA
Owner: Linda Bacco

He was a once in a lifetime dog. He was my first owner handled Champion in both the US and Canada and a true ambassador of the breed.

He loved everyone and had to show it by kissing them!


Owner: Judith Kelly (since Apple was almost 5)

VA 12/2010; VAX 7/2012; VAX2 & 3 -1/2015, VAX 4 & 5 3/2015

Apple's breeder Keith Venezia wrote: "Apple is nothing short of a gift, yet was given up by two homes… Although Apple was given up by her families, Apple never gave up on loving people… Apple currently holds the highest TDI (Therapy Dogs International) designation."

Apple is a ZAC daughter & Zoe her mother is from Akiko. She has been the only akita to earn all 6 TDI titles (including TWT: Tail Waggin Tutor for reading with children) & all 5 AKC Therapy titles. She also has been the first akita to earn nose work titles with multiple NACSW titles. She was rehoused at nearly five years old, is now ten and still working!


Novo-Dia's Raging Red Baron CD BN RE TDIA TT CGC THD VA
Owner: Mary Mignogna

Baron was my first performance dog & what a world have we shared together. Bred by Cyndi Crum of Novo-Dia Kennels; born 11/16/2004. 3 shows, 3 qualifying legs, our first title together being a Rally Novice title. And the rest as they say, is history.

Baron has obtained his Rally Advanced & Excellent titles and has 2 legs towards his Rally Adv Excellent title. We then switched over to Obedience & obtained his CD & Beginner Novice title. We have begun therapy dog visits & the looks on peoples' faces in nursing home is priceless. Although he is pretty much retired, he has earned the right to be a couch potato.


Tsunami's Truth And Justiz RN CGC VAX
Breeder/Owner: Rita Roberts
Co-Breeder: Sandi Soto

We were already on a Search and Rescue team working primarily the Virginia Peninsula. We didn't respond to 9/11, but our training officer put us on standby. There was nothing for trailing dogs to do then, but we knew our cadaver dogs might be needed later, even years later. As it was, that's the atmosphere that Buck entered the world, destined to be a show dog. Only one of his testicles didn't descend. Waiting on that we found he had an uncanny ability and tenacity and he began search training after 12 weeks of age.

No one believed an Akita could do the job, primarily because of perceived dog aggression. Buck, who grew up with a bunch of old show dogs, fosters going in and out, and bloodhounds never showed an ounce of dog aggression, but he hated wheels. Once we overcame that, he never looked back. At 11 months of age he completed a grueling week of training in West Virginia with labs, border collies and bloodhounds. He was ridiculed and laughed at, at first. People didn't laugh after he consistently took the hardest trails and found his person. We didn't have anything to lose. He had to overcome trailing through heat, around critter holes, over a wooden suspension bridge and up steep inclines and down. Some trails were a mile in length. At the end he completed his CGC. He was certified by our team-training officer, but not before she ran a bitch in season over his trail. These are normal things a working dog might encounter and so everything was thrown at them for proofing. Satisfied, he was ready to work.

Buck had thousands of hours of trailing; every weekend in snow and rain, in urban and wilderness and cadaver training. He did it all. His first call out was in Newport News where he responded to a dementia patient that had way wandered off from his house. His career was shortened when I became expectant with my first child and we moved to Florida, where licensure was different and a 2nd baby was expected. He did go on one last cadaver search there in an old MP case. We were not ever blessed with a live find. He wasn't the only Akita to ever train for search, but he was one of the first that I know of to mantrail in the US. There was another Akita added to our team as well.

After premature retirement because of his handlers' family aspirations, he got bored. So we began a short Rally career, which ended when his daddy left for Iraq. His old injuries sustained from search limited his jumping ability.

He took his family duties very seriously, and in old age moved with us again for the last time and immediately hated our neighbor for no apparent reason. It was disconcerting. This neighbor was later arrested on charges of soliciting a minor.

He was he best dog I have ever known, and we all miss him daily.


Breeder/Owner: Kathy Webster

Daphne is an amazing girl who loves to make her Mom proud, and she makes me very proud indeed! We have dabbled in a lot of things and Daphne has excelled at most!

In conformation, on her way to her Championship she earned two Best Bred By Exhibitor In Show Awards and several Best of Breeds. Then she easily earned her Grand Championship picking up a Best in Specialty Show and finishing out 2014 in the Top Twenty Akitas while she was at it.

She earned her Coursing Ability Advanced title with a perfect 10 runs in 10 starts. With very limited training in Rally and Obedience we have earned legs and we plan to finish some titles in those venues soon.


GCH Countryside's Uptown Girl CGC RN THDX VA
Owner: Elea Warf

Darcy is a bundle of sweetness. She's very sensitive and doesn't like to be yelled at, however she's not interested in doing repetitive tasks (such as Rally, she was not amused, but did it because I asked her to). She enjoys meeting most people. There are a few she might ignore, but when she really likes someone she will give them a small kiss. She reserves her hind leg standing and hoping around for me and her human grandma. She loves being wherever I am and wherever Haylie and Kayden go. She makes the trio and they are always together.


UaCH, Int./UKC CH Prairie's Beyond Doubt CD RA MXP3 MJP2 XFP MXPB CGC TT VAX
Owner: Cynthia Hutt

We are in awwwwwww of this Akita bitch! Her pedigree is true… Japanese by history… generations bred in America… true to her heritage with the ability to hunt even if there is no "Yazo" to be found! And then at times the "Princess" will emerge to say "not today".


Am/Can/Int Ch. Stardust's Night Moves Es CD VA TT ROM
Owner: Teresa Witte

Some of Dottie's titles include American, Canadian and international championship, and an obedience CD. Uno and Dottie were littermates.


UKC CH Shogitai's Rumor Has It RN TT CGC VA
Owner: Linda Bacco


Owner: Jane Johnson

From our first homebred litter Blue J's Five Alive was ready to try just about anything I asked of her. An avid traveler and companion to several basenjis, Five Alive was comfortable on the road or sunning next to the pool.


URO2 HIT Minda & Midnite The Gods Have Spoken CD BN RE CA CGC DSA TDI VAX
Owner: Barbara Sikkink

"Gabby" is the youngest Akita to earn Rally and Obedience titles as well as her Versatility titles. She is also the first Akita to earn a Lure Coursing title.


Owner: Francee Hamblett and Holly Walker

Winner of the 2008 National Specialty. Producer of over 15 champions. Two temperament titles: both ATTS Temperament Title and AKC Canine Good Citizen. Ranked in the Top Twenty Akitas 2008 & 2009 in two shows. Number One Stud Dog 2009-2010. Sire of the 2011 Akita Club of America's National Specialty winner, BISS GCH Minda Fujisvs Violets Are Blue AOM.

The main force holding down the living room floor.


Rivendell's Boromir VA
Owner: Cecille Juresko

Grizz earned his Versatile Akita based on almost 150 hours of therapy dog service. He was a Delta Society certified therapy dog for almost 7 years. He worked as a Reading Rover at Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane WA. Grizz & I committed to 1 day a week for the entire school year. We helped kids with reading difficulties ranging from dyslexia to English as a second language. The kids loved their reading sessions and Grizz loved the kids.

Grizz also served as a therapy dog at Shriner's Hospital for Children for 7 years. He played cards & pulled children in wheelchairs down the hallway. Many children were not able to come to the Therapy room so we visited their rooms. He sat quietly for petting & would lie down in their rooms, oozing soothing vibes. He was tall enough that he could put his head on their laps. Grizz also earned his Canine Good Citizen. He was one special boy.


Bred/Owned by: Linda & Frank Wolf

Akita Club of America VAX (1/2015)

My boy Heston has exceeded my expectations in so many ways; from his 1st Rally trial at just 6 months old to training for agility. Sometimes we qualify sometimes we don't, but we are having fun along this journey. Keeps me humble, yes, he is an Akita! I am so proud of his accomplishments in both the show & performance ring.

But our recent Therapy Dog Visits have really shown me a special side of Heston. He has brought joy to the mentally disabled men we visit. He kisses their faces & hands and makes them smile, makes me smile too! Heston is a once in a lifetime Akita and we are enjoying every day together.


Suggs' Jasmine Jade CD CGC TT CDX VAX
Owner: Cathy Suggs

Jade was my first Akita, and my first to get a CD and a CDX. In 1998 she was ranked the #1 obedience Akita... she was also my first Akita with Sebaceous Adenitis. She finished her CDX at the age of 7... Just over a year after being diagnosed with SA. I can honestly and proudly say she is a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME AKITA"... Ms. Jade passed away on 11/08/01 at the age of 10½, due to complications of bloat surgery.

Jade was well known in the Akita world for her endurance and courage in the face of adversity. Although she suffered many years from SA, she was always willing to help others understand more about that incurable disease.


AKC UKC BIS NAKC CH RO1 Shogitai's Borderline Angel RE CGC TT Delta VAX CSL1 CSL2 CSL3
Owner: Linda Bacco


GCH Countryside's Rumors Royal Star RN CGC TDHX TDIAOV VA
Owners: Elea Warf & Brittany Phelps

Kayden is a Rumor X Star baby and a complete mama's boy. He is quite famous for his kisses that will happen quickly (before one can say no) and encompass your entire face.

He passed his CGC at 8 months and his Therapy Dog test a few days after turning 1, adding titles to his name thru the years as I figure it out. He is also a Bronze level Champion at the IABCA shows as well as a UKC Champion.

Kayden also participates yearly in the local "Meet the Breed" alongside his Akita sisters. I have heard a lot of people say "I've never meet such a nice Akita", so he does a lot of great Breed Ambassador work.

*photo credit Diane Merits Epic Akitas


CH Kazesan's Kahlua and Cream CGC TC TDI Delta VAX
Owner: Linda Bacco

Kira was the foundation for our kennel. She possessed a wonderful stable temperament, was the "grandmother" for every litter of puppies born and was the demo dog for obedience classes that I teach.

Words can't describe the contributions she made to our lives. She left us on May 9, 2009 not long after she turned 14 years old. She will always be missed.


ALCH Big Benz Willow Creek's Kiyomi, CGCA, TT, TDI, UP1000, UT1000, RATI, RL1X AOE, RNX, RATN, VAX
Owner: Nancy Almann

Kiyo is my first performance dog, and continues to exceed all expectations that we and her breeder, Lynny Benzinger, have for her. In 8 rally trials, she had six first place and two third place finishes. She is an excellent therapy dog, and additionally, is active in obedience, tracking, nose work, rally, barn hunt, lure coursing and weightpull.

Kiyo was the first dog to earn the 1000 mile Pack Dog title as well as the 1000 Trail Dog title through Dog Scouts of America. To date, she is the only dog to have earned both titles. Together, we have hiked well over 4000 miles.

Little Missy makes friends wherever she goes. Her sunny, outgoing, happy personality is a testament to excellent breeding, good training and the benefits of socialization. Kiyo earned her VAX in March of 2015, and we are so proud of our girl. As our trainer says, Kiyo is my "Do It All Dog."


AKC UKC CH Kodeo's Akai Kuma of Kodiak CGC TT VA
Owner: Kathy & Ed Coffman

Kodi was our first Champion. He was truly that special once in a lifetime dog. While his accomplishments in the show ring were noteworthy, he also excelled in obedience and clicker training.

Kodi achieved 2 legs toward his CD.


CH Kodiak's Sierra Sunrise CDX CD CGC VAX
Owners: Anita & Rodney Palmer

Kodi was our first showdog and champion. He achieved his CDX by getting 3 qualifying legs in 6 shows, earning placements each time. One first place and two fourth place ribbons! Kodi received his VAX in 2002.

He was a sweet boy and we miss him to this day.


HIT U-CH International-CH Eiserntor Lucy I'm Home CGCA CGCU BN CD RN RATI RATO VA
Owner: Betty Ann Ogus & Sally Jaffe

By GCH Crown Royals Start'N A Revolution - CH C'Sides Appearances Are Deceiving

Breeder: Aaron Jaffe & S Jaffe


Pan Am Ch FCI Ch UCI and Mex CH Celtic's Dark Angel VA CGC AJP AXP NFP S-STA S-IGA S-BJA S-BSLA S-BA
Owner: Karen Blohm-Mangone

Maxine has earned Pan An, Mexican and International Championships in conformation in Mexico as a Japanese Akita. She completed all her health testing, Canine Good Citizen award, and earned her VA title from Akita Club of America at 2.5 years old.

Maxine has earned AKC agility titles up through preferred Excellent. Maxine is now competing with her first Q's in Master Preferred and has qualified for the AKC Agility Invitational in Dec 2013. Maxine has participated in community service at Mastsuri Festivals, agility demos for ACA and at grade schools in Tucson and is doing therapy work at a retirement and 24/7 care facility in Phoenix.


Am/Can CH Shogitai's Vision Quest CGC TC VA
Owner: Linda Bacco


FCI UCI Ch Satori's Weyrpup of Pern VA CGC
Breeder-Owner-Handler: Karen Blohm-Mangone

May 1995—December 2005


GCH / UKC CH Huntmere Always In Your Corner At Mimar CD BN RAE CGC VA AOM
Owner: Mary Mignogna

"Mikki" started her performance career at a young age and obtained her first title, Rally Novice, at 6½ months of age. She then proceeded to obtain her Canine Good Citizen, Beginner Novice, Companion Dog, UKC Championship, AKC Championship, and Rally Advanced titles before she turned 2 years of age.

She then decided to go through the Akita "zoomies" while we were working on our Rally Excellent title. She overcame the "zoomies" and proceeded to obtain her Rally Excellent title and then her Rally Advanced Excellent title in 10 trials! We have had many firsts together, including our first owner-handled Champion, obtaining an Award of Merit at the 2012 Pre-Nationals in Indianapolis and making the cut in the Working Group in 2013 at the Lorain, Ohio show.

Mikki was bred by Deanne and Paul Hunt and she was born 08/29/2009. Can't wait to see what our future holds!


CH Midnite Gekko Catch A Moonbeam RE CGC TT VA
Owners: Monica & Gregory Colvin and Lynn Morgan

Moonbeam was born October 28, 2002—a granddaughter of our foundation sire, Thor. Extremely happy and outgoing, Moonbeam always enjoyed going to shows, meeting people, and getting loved on.

After finishing her championship and being retired from breeding, she needed a job. In 2009 Moonbeam and I began Rally classes to give the ol' gal "something to do". She earned her Rally titles in addition to her other titles qualifying for her VA title. She is still quite active, and if she could, she would run for mayor!

Moonbeam was bred by Lynn Morgan and Diane Ritzheimer


Owner: Shannon Miller

"Noel" is my first performance Akita. Born Dec 9th 2010 and bred by Wendy & Barry Oelrich in Colorado.

She qualified for ACA's Versatility Excellent Award at 3 years old through her accomplishments/titles in Obedience, Rally, Community Service, OFA/CERF health clearances, and Therapy Work. We continue to train for Graduate Novice & Open in addition to our Therapy Visits at the hospital.

I attribute our success to the many hours spent in training — but, first and foremost to her breeders; they are ultimately responsible and deserving of all credit for the foundation of such an incredibly "versatile" temperament conducive to all that we do.


AKC/UKC CH Kumakura's Shogitai's Fade to Black RA CGC TT Delta CTL1 VA
Owner: Linda Bacco


Owners: Natalia Dougherty & Christina Stanley

Onyx loves the rally obedience ring & has titles in AKC, UKC & APDT. In 2012 she earned two "Total Dog" Awards in UKC. In October 2012, she earned "High in Trial" in the Pre-National obedience trial.

Onyx is the first Akita to get a title in the new "Barn Hunt" event. She lives with the Doughertys in Massachusetts & Maine. Onyx was bred by Christina Stanley of Moonlight Akitas New Mexico.


UKC CH R/MBBIS Okami's Turnin' The Paige RN CGC RLP RLPX RL1 AOE
Bred/Owned by: Linda & Frank Wolf

Akita Club of America VA (3/2014)

Our beautiful Paige, so full of life, so happy, so smart, so loving… we lost Paige before her second birthday… so senseless…

We treasure our memories of her and miss her terribly. Paige earned her CGC title at 6 months of age and her AKC Rally Novice title at just 7½ months old. She was a major away from her AKC Championship, even earning a Group 3 from the classes. The short time we had with her was full of love and happiness. We miss her silly side also, she was so good at everything she did and learned so easily. Her brother, Heston, was always one step behind her and she knew it. She would come out of the ring, look over at him as if to say "Beat that dummy!" She waits at the Rainbow Bridge…


CH Gekko's Samba In The Cat's Pajamas CD BN RA CGCA TT VA
Bred/Owned by: Monica Colvin

PJ earned her VA title September 2, 2014. Bred and owned by husband and I, she is a delight to live with. PJ qualified for and competed in the 2015 AKC Rally National Championship, in Rally Advanced. She finished her championship easily from the bred by class with 3 majors, including 2 5-point majors.


GCH Ursa Major's Deschutes Dark BN RA CGCA CGCU VA
Owner: Melissa Fisher

Porter is my first conformation dog and my first GCH, all owner handled. He's also my first rally and obedience titled dog. It's been an amazing 4 years together so far!

Porter is a happy, mellow boy who relaxes and makes himself at home wherever we go, usually belly up on his back or popping his "frog legs" out behind him. He has participated in several meet the breed events and is an annual participant at the WAG rescue booth, helping the public learn more about Akitas.

Porter is a cherished family member and his frequent happy "woos" and assorted vocalizations make us laugh and smile daily. He is a true heart dog in every way.


Gekko's Snow Punk Of Wild Ridge CD BN RAE CGCA RATN VA
Breeder: Michele Petersen Owner: Monica Colvin

Punkin is a bundle of personality, energy, brains and love, sprinkled with just enough naughtiness to remind us that she is an Akita! Sired by our Roger, also a Versatility Akita, she has his biddable nature. She loves to train, go to classes and be with her "friends" of various breeds.

Punkin earned her CD with first and second placements. Punkin qualified (2 times over) for the 2017 AKC Rally National Championship in Rally Advanced/Excellent. She earned her RAE in three consecutive trial weekends, including a 7 placements. She earned her BarnHunt Novice title in October, with second and third placements. Punkin is pointed with 2 major reserves. The future is bright, lots to do!


AKC/UKC/NAKC GR CH RO1 Shogitai's River of Dreams RA BN CGC TT Delta CSL1 CSL2-F CSL2-H AOM VA
Owner: Linda Bacco


GCH Gekko's Wild Blue Yonder RN CGC TT VA
Breeders/Owners: Monica & Greg Colvin

Roger arrived on June 7, 2010 and we knew he was the one to keep soon after! Aside from his physical attributes, Roger has a unique, sweet and outgoing nature that it truly special. From his big "Roo-roo's" with a stuffy toy in his mouth to his "snowplow" schnuggles—his personality is big and happy. He is a young dog that is very eager to please, hopefully we will be adding to his titles.

As of this writing he is a group-placing Bronze Level Grand Champion, always owner-handled by Monica. Part of his VA requirements were fulfilled via his "Community Service": twice appearing as "Guest Dog Of The Week" at the AKC Museum of The Dog in St. Louis, MO, and walking in a Pancreatic Cancer benefit, "Walk With The Dogs."


AKC & UKC CH Shogitai's Reason to Believe RA TT CGC Delta VA
Owner: Linda Bacco


CH Wicca's Western Edge Of The Sun BN RE RA RN CGCA CGC TT VA
Owners: Anita & Rodney Palmer
Breeder: Jo Ann Charnik

Sonny is aptly named! He is one happy fella - fearless, enthusiastic & confident. Always looking for adventure. From the conformation ring to performance events to Meet The Breeds; Sonny does it all with gusto. Sometimes a bit too much gusto, but that is Sonny! He is a joy to have in our lives and we look forward to many new adventures with our "butter boy".


OPR-Codakan Pyramid Of Stone CGC TT TDI VD VA
Owner: Cathy Suggs

Stone was my first conformation dog. He was also trained in agility and obedience. He had an easy going temperament that was passed on to his daughter, Honor.

Both Stone and Honor are Certified Therapy Dog and have visited hospitals, nursing homes and schools. They have participated in the LeBonheur Childrens' Hospital Radiothon for several years, lending a hand with the fundraising efforts and spreading cheer throughout the facility.

Stone crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008. He is missed…


Ch Kobu's Kount on the Ruff Rider AOM VA RN NAP NJP OFP CGC TT
Owner: Lawrence Collins

Teddy came to us as our first show dog from Susan Cargill of Kobu Akitas. He finished his championship shortly after turning a year old, and he won two AOM's at Akita specialties.

He often attends "Meet The Breed" at the Reliant World Series of Dog Shows, and he made one appearance at Eukanuba for "Meet The Breed". He is especially good with children despite his size.

He earned qualifying scores in Agility and Rally at two Akita National Specialties, and won multiple "Properties" classes at the Tucson National Specialty. His favorite agility venue is CPE because they have events that don't require weave poles.


Chosen's Nordic Son Thor CD CGC TT TDI VA
Owner/Handler: Monica Colvin

Thor needed a major to finish his CH, and sadly never did; a severe toe-pad cut complicated that effort. However, he was the first dog I ever titled, earning his CGC at 15 months, and his CD at 2 years, with 3 legs in 3 entries, finishing his title winning first place in Novice "A". His sweet temperament combined with his eagerness to please was truly special. We shared 10 wonderful years together.

Breeders: Jodi Carner-Higgins & Stephen Higgins


Skipjack's Hidden Treasure CD RE NA NAJ NJP TT TDI VAX
Owner: Jane Johnson

Treasure was my first ever performance dog. We learned a lot together and made many friends along the way.


BISS Am/Can/Int Ch. Stardust's Nightrider Es CD VA AOM TT CGC ROM
Owner: Teresa Witte

Uno was a multiple group and a Specialty winner. He was a Top 10 ranked ago for 3 years. Uno also had both a CD and Canine Good Citizenship award.


Ch. Moonlight Kiseki's Kall Girl CGC CGCA CGCU VA SD
Owner: Linda Logan

Vixen is a wonderful Ambassador for the breed and is a multi-titled, multi-tasking girl. She is my registered Service dog on top of being a show Champion, and a big lovable girl who loves to educate people on our breed!

Breeders: Kathy Concannon & Co-owned by Chris Stanley


Westar's Mighty Faithful Zadok CDX RE AX MXJ FX THD CGC
Owner: Julie Burk

Zadok competed in obedience, rally and agility. However his real love was therapy and crisis response work. Zadok responded to both the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University to work with the students and staff after their school shootings. His work in therapy took him to schools, hospitals, prisons, summer camp and a children's facility.

Zadok won the ACE award in 2008 for his therapy work from the AKC. His motto was "Kisses for free and memories to last a lifetime."